Jo Muirhead Jo Muirhead
Jo Murihead

COURSE TITLE: The Entrepreneurial Clinician. How we will change health care from the inside out “An exclusive workshop for clinicians ready to swap overwhelm, overwork and burnout.” Instructor – Jo Muirhead, BHlthSc(Rehabilitation Counselling ) Member Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors ( MASRC) , and Member Career Development Association of Australian ( CDAA).  

COURSE DESCRIPTION Entrepreneurial thinking requires us to drawn upon own skills as experts in human behaviour and learn how to apply these skills to a boarder setting where we will contribute to the accessibility for people needing our services. Imagine being a part of a world where people don’t question the need for a therapist in their life, rather question those who don’t work through the stuck places and often dark places that keep them small. Imagine a world where stigma for mental health no longer exists rather people know that depression and anxiety are treatable conditions similar to the common cold. The Entrepreneurial Clinician will a create a way where people of all ages, all demographics will be empowered to seek help and know how to ask for help. The Entrepreneurial Clinician will know how to make work work well for them so they remain healthy, present and resilient allowing more people to be served by therapists who genuinely care. This workshop is designed to help therapists and mental health professionals to identify, understand and apply Entrepreneurial Literacy. Whether you are in Private Practice for yourself on employed in another setting, entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour is a base-line characteristic required for all clinicians in all settings. Like being able to use a personal computer for work, we all need to employ entrepreneurial thinking to our day to day work experience. This workshop draws on neuroscience, behavioural theory and the implementation of new skills to be able to not only challenge your own unhelpful thinking, but use your brain, your behavioural strengths and motivators to create a foundation for success.  

COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. The participants will be able to identify their own behavioural characteristics, personal motivators and drivers that are working both for them and against them in their current work. 2. The participants will be able to identify how entrepreneurial thinking and action taking will help them with their clinical practice, and their own personal self-care. 3. The participants will develop their own criteria for success based on their behavioural and motivational characteristics to create a workable goal and therefore plan to be able to achieve success. 4. Participants will walk away with a completed “Dashboard” knowing exactly what to do in the next 90 days to propel them to take the right action at the right time.