Are you ready to get SEEN?

Are you a therapist who is ready to DOMINATE your market in the online space, without posting all over the internet or paying for clicks that don't lead to clients?

If you’re finally read to create systems to scale your practice and create more freedom, flexibility and FUN . . .  

It’s time to GET SEEN  

Learn from the best in the industry!

Most therapists . . .

Most therapists fumble with figuring out how to optimize their website, set up SEO and drive targeted traffic, all while keeping down costs so that they actually see a return on their investment with new clients coming through the door.  

What’s more, every action in your business is only a PART of the whole plan, so finding the time to work ON your business while seeing clients, engaging in self-care and living your life can leave you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and on the brink of signing it all over to someone else (at an even greater cost.)  

It’s not your fault that you’ve been spinning your wheels and staring at the screen for hours.  

Warning: If you’re about to pull your hair out trying to figure out your tech troubles and website woes, it’s time to step away from the computer and get support!  

The truth is that learning the ropes of digital marketing comes with a huge learning curve that wasn’t a part of our education and is a totally new skillset.  

Also, you’re likely learning information in a piecemeal way with a Google search here and a Facebook group there. It’s hard to put it all together in a way that makes sense and actually works for you.  

That’s why we’ve gathered 4 amazing practice building coaches and consultants to provide you with an awesome TEAM with specific areas of expertise that will speed up your success.  

We've compiled our best tools, techniques & strategies so you can . . .

Amplify your presence / Attract your ideal audience / Acquire new clients / Again and again!!

We’ve worked together to create a seamless plan for systemizing every single aspect of your digital marketing to create a buzz in the online space about your business.

We will show you how to bring in interested potential people and convert them into clients, build your following of raving fans and systematize everything so you can scale UP your business and free UP your time.

- So you can take that Mexico vacation like John Clarke - So you can let that $100 ride on red like Ernesto - So you can live life on your terms with a business that you love  

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, with the systems, structure and support. All you have to do is be ready to show up and plug your business goals into our process.  

Worst case scenario?  

You get a cool, tax-deductible trip to Philly to hang out with 100+ of your favorite Facebook therapist friends at the biggest, best and most comprehensive digital marketing strategy and implementation workshop ever created for therapists.  

Best case scenario?  

You also walk away with a fully mapped out plan to maximize your visibility and profitability using digital marketing! 

This will allow you to stand out from the crowd, reach people who desperately need YOUR help and achieve massive results and major transformation with the support of an incredibly invested team. 

Let’s break it down . . .  

We have created a comprehensive workshop with 4 Group Practice Owners sharing the exact strategies we’ve used to systemize and scale to six figures and beyond. This could easily go for thousands of dollars as an online course or coaching program.  

But, we’ve designed this workshop with accessibility in mind, so you actually show up and get seen, have a solid plan and explode your offerings online.

All for a price you can afford, which will be the best use of your marketing dollars for years to come!

Still interested?

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Awesome location in Philadelphia, PA

Friday October 19, 2018 - All day

Come hang out with us and get your marketing plan dialed in for huge growth in your practice!

This is going to be some serious fun. 

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